Hi, and welcome to our website.  We hope you find it of use in achieving your own vision and objectives.  Below is a quick summary of how we can support your group

  • You can advertise for volunteers through us, each year we have around 1000 new people coming to us to find out about volunteering across Galway City and County
  • We can give you advice and training on how best to find and retain volunteers for your organisation.
  • We can provide access to the Garda Vetting service and provide you with advice and training on this.
  • We frequently organise training on running effective organisations.  We would advise signing up for our organisation newsletter to keep up to date on these.
  • We can promote your events and/or your work through social media, our links with local media and on our own podcast –This is Community!
  • We are a local partner of The Wheel, so we can help you be heard at a national level and show you how membership of The Wheel can benefit your group.
  • We can often provide you with other advice or direct you to someone who is an expert to help you with your query and work.

If you ever have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

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